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Family communication and mobile technology

When we're talking to parents about how to best communicate to their kids, we here at the CanTeen Connect team often talk about one main topic of frustration - mobiles! And importantly, encouraging young people to look up from their screens for long to...

To financially or emotionally be stable

So I am in a dilemma! My husband is terminal and hasn’t worked for 4 years now. 12 mths ago I took a redundancy as we were told he has 12 to 24 mths. Paid as much as we could off the mortgage (still have one!). In Aug I went...

Cooking for kids during and after cancer treatment

I found this really great article about cooking for kids who are currently undergoing or have gone through cancer treatment and thought I would share.

"Cooking for kids undergoing cancer treatment poses its own unique set of challenges. These kids will...

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